Thursday, February 10, 2011

Nightmare with the Blue and Black Snake

Last night I had a nightmare that we had three dogs- two little dogs that I didn't care much for, and Riley. Phil told me something had attacked the dogs when we weren't looking, and he brought the first one in. Half of the dogs body was missing- mangled and bloody. Then he brought the second dog in, less mangled, but still dead. I had a slight bit of hope that Riley was even less hurt still and that we might be able to save her, but when he brought her in I saw that whatever had attacked her had taken a huge chunk of her stomach out. She was dead. I wanted to know what had done this, and then I saw it: a big black snake in our backyard with a vibrant blue pattern on it's back. It was hidden very well but we finally saw it, after the damage was done.

According to the Streams Ministries manual, the black snake represents deception, lies, and it's poisonous (makes sense since it killed the dogs, and in the dream I had a sense that the snake was poisonous). The blue on the snake also represents a spirit of depression. Dogs represent your best friends. The backyard represents things of the past...

I'm putting it all together, and its making sense to me.

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Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

are your friends bringing you down and depressing you? You can say, "Woe to you broods of vipers". . .okay maybe that won't work.