Monday, April 26, 2010

Scorpions, Sharks, and More...

The past few nights I have really dreamt a LOT!

I had one dream where I was helping teach a former student of mine the difference between right and left. His name was Jared and I worked with him at BB. I told him to hold his hands out in front of him, and make "L's" with each hand. The "L" that was facing the correct way would be the one that was his left hand. Jared did not want to participate, however, and was being very uncooperative. I kept trying to work with him, and eventually I just woke up. This might have been a soul dream, or may be God trying to tell me to keep working at things and pushing through even when they are frustrating and are not working out how I want them to.

Then the next night I had several dreams. In one of them, I was by the beach and there was a massive brown Victorian style house with white trim, much like the ones we saw at Inman park this weekend. The house was right on the beach, and I was sitting up by the house. I dug a little hole with my feet in the sand, and there were two red scorpions who were trying to sting my feet. Phil's interpretation was that the fact that the house was like those at Inman park meant that during our outreach there, there would be some attacks from the enemy that would try to sting my feet. Biblically, feet represent bringing the gospel. So the enemy was attacking me with lies to try to divert me from bringing the gospel. That did actually happen at Inman park this weekend- the enemy was trying to tell me that I was not capable of hearing God enough to give any good words to people.

Then I had a dream about AB. I saw him in NYC, at the Netherlander theatre. We were seeing RENT. He was in the front and I was way in the back, but when the play ended and everyone was getting up to leave, he saw me. He came up to me and we were talking. Somehow in the dream it dawned on me that he was the one that "got away". HAH! That is so lame to actually use that phrase, but that was what happened in the dream. In the dream, I tried to deny it and say that I dated a different asian guy, tall and thin, who looked just like him...and that this other guy was actually the one who got away, but I woke up trying to think if I had dated another asian guy...and I knew I didn't! I am pretty sure this was a soul dream with no real meaning...

Then last night I had a dream that me and Phil were in a ship, and inside, it looked like an aquarium all around us. Like, we were standing in a big circle, and the walls were glass, and we were in the water, so all we saw around us was water and fish. Then all of a sudden, a great white shark came and started purposely bumping hard into the glass with his nose, as if his intention was to break the glass and come eat us. We ran to the other side of the tank, desperately trying to get away from the shark. Then the shark broke the glass, and water started to come in. We were very afraid. Then the dream ended because I woke up. I had an overwhelming feeling that the shark represented a friend that Phil has been neglecting, but I don't really know the rest of the meaning of the dream. The dream was in color- the aqua blue water and the grey of the shark makes me think maybe the dream has meaning..

I had other dreams in the past few nights- in one, I was helping my mom put Christmas decorations away, and in another, I went to the Johansen's house and we were swimming. All soul dreams though.

Friday, April 02, 2010

Dreams Lately.....

A few nights ago, I had a very intense dream that I was a sex slave along with a few other girls. We were tied up in the woods, and I was trying desperately to escape. I saw the highway and heard cars from where I was. As I was trying to escape, I came face to face with my captor. He had brown hair and a mustache, and a thin face. Before I fled, I tried to save the other girls. I don't remember much more, but as I was waking up, I was praying and asking God why I was having this dream- was I to intercede for someone out there in this situation???

Then last night, I had dreams for a long time. I was in three different places. The first place was a ginormous mansion- like the ones in Charleston- very old Southern, but amazing. Phil and I walked through the mansion and each room was spectacular. There were (real) fur rugs and antique but beautiful pieces of furniture. The house took so long to walk through. Then in the back was a hot tub. The man who owned the house was having us house sit there. I was in shock that he was going to let us stay at this amazing mansion, and that he trusted us with it.

Then next thing I knew, I was in a thrift store. It was not just any old thrift store. First of all, I was in a school, where I walked down long, dusty hallways to get to this store, and it was all closed off, but I broke in. In the dream, I knew the store had once been flourishing- a very hip, popular boutique for girls. However, now it was closed down and dusty- all that was left was a few things. I looked through the things. One was a hanging bird cage with a black porcelain flower in it. There were some clothes and cute purses. Then a girl who apparently worked there came into the shop and tried to help me find what I needed.

Then later, I was in some kind of church or religious building. There were meetings going on that you had to pay for, and I was trying to get in, but I did not pay so I was not allowed in. I was trying to bust down the door, and I saw inside. There were only a few people sitting inside and they were arguing and angry.

I have a few small interpretations for my own dreams last night- the mansion, I think, represented God trusting me and Phil will bigger things in His kingdom. The thrift store, I am not sure... And then the religious meetings, I think represents a religious spirit of some God fearing people.