Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Warning Dreams

Sometimes people have dreams that are meant to warn them of something to come, or something that is already happening. Last night I had two of them:

The first warning dream was for Phil and I to be very careful who we let interpret dreams or give prophetic words to in the future. It was a very weird feeling being in the dream and knowing that is what the dream meant, but not knowing what to do with that, and not even understanding what was really happening in the dream. I just felt like that is what we were told.

The second dream was more vivid, and it started out with me having a dream within a dream. My dream within my dream was also a warning dream- that someone was going to try to steal my car. So I was at work, and I called Phil to come with me and help me move my car to a different spot so the theifs would not find it. So we went to my car, and there was a big cinder block under my tire, meant to mark my car as the one to be stolen. We moved the block, and I drove the car, and all of a sudden, the people who were coming to get my car came in their car behind us, chasing us. There was a man driving, but I knew it was his wife who really was the one who wanted to get my car. Anyway, the man drove all wild eyed and purposely smashed into my car. Then, we called the cops to come and write a police report. The wife disappeared. I was trying to talk to the police when they came, and Phil took the man aside to talk to him. He recognized the man from church- he was someone we knew (but I don't know who). Phil spoke gently with him and got him to apologize. I was speaking to the police officer but she was not listening, she seemed distracted. Then Catherine Mullins was there, working as a nurse, and she was saying how much she hated her job. The cop was paying more attention to Catherine than to hearing my story. That was the end of the dream.

So, what I know is that cars or modes of transportation generally mean your ministry or vocation. The people who were trying to steal my car, or hurt me, were from church. The end result was that it was better to speak to them gently and fix the situation that way rather than to try to get a person of authority to fix it.

I also had two other dreams last night ( I know I had more than that but these two I remember):

My mom was singing a song in the car, the song "Praise God from whom all blessings flow" and she was singing it wrong, so I tried to correct her, but when I sang it, she told me "No offense honey, but that was completely off key". Two other people in the car agreed with her. I got upset and hurt. I think this dream has to do with my mom's view of God and spirituality being way different than mine, and people in my family being more in agreement with her. I think also, its been hard for me to take criticism from my mom because I really respect what she has to say.

The last one was that I dreamt that Phil got a HUGE speeding ticket. He came home and told me he got "slapped with a big one." I was so upset, and I was praying in my dream, "God, no, please, no, please don't let it be true." Then I sort of woke up for a minute and realized it was a dream, and as I was falling back asleep, I was praying that God would protect us from tickets. Haha.

So. That was my night last night. Incredible!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Wooden Canoe on a Black Lake

In this dream, I was in a boat- a long, thin, carved, wooden canoe- with a mysterious person. I am not sure if it was a man or a woman, but the person was in the boat with me, and we were on a black lake with dirty, muddy water with little pieces of things stuck in it. The feeling in the dream might have been a bit eerie, but I felt safe and protected. We got to shore, and got out of the boat, and there we met a girl named Abby. She looked Dutch, and had very light blonde hair and very pale skin. I introduced myself, and she said with a heavy accent, "Oh! Sarah, ya ya" (Saa-DA, Yuh, yuh). I knew she was not American. I invited her into the boat and she got in with us. That was the end of the dream.

The interpretation I got from Recie Saunders and Scott Veach is this: The black water represents a difficult time or season in my life. I am in a boat with the Holy Spirit, who is protecting me during this difficult time/season. Then, we get to the shore and meet Abby, which the name means "God's will" (the name Abby or Abigail has many different meanings, but that particular one was the one we looked up that day). So, at the other side of the difficult season, I met God's will. Interesting, huh?

Avalanche of Rocks and Train into Japan

Last night, my first dream was that Phil and I were with a group of people, trying to climb up a steep, rocky mountain. The man who was leading us looked like Ken from the Gay Pride outreach in Atl. Well, there was an avalanche of rocks, and they all started coming down, and it killed him.

Then my next dream was that Phil and I were on a train, at night, and I felt very nervous. Something was telling me I had to get off the train at the next stop. I had a black backpack and I was putting things in there that I would need- food, clothes, etc. When we got off the train we got to a small, dingy hotel in Japan. There was a woman selling something that I wanted to buy- it was a box, and inside the box there were small wax paper bags. The woman realized I didn't know what the purpose of the bags were, so she decided not to sell it to me, and demanded I give it back to her (the bags were for drugs). Then I hid in a bathroom and ate some food, and ate some teeny tiny Japanese chocolates from a little box that were in the shape of yellow pencils. Then when I left the bathroom, I realized I needed to go back into the bathroom for a minute, and I went to turn the light on, but I ended up turning the light on in someone's room instead, by accident. Well then I found myself in a cafeteria in the hotel with Phil, and the man whose light turned on came storming into the cafeteria like he was about to hurt me. He looked like his nationality was Siberian or something like that. Phil protected me from him. That was the end of the dream.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Dreams last night

Last night I dreamt a lot of things. First, I dreamt that Jessalyn ran away from home because she was angry with her mother. She took a bicycle and rode all the way to Florida on it. When she came home, I was asking her questions about her trip. I asked her where she slept at night, and if she slept in hotels. Deborah was there, and answered for her, that she slept in dangerous places, like train stations, and a Starbucks one night. Then I asked if it took three days to get down there and Jess replied that it took 13 days to get there. In the dream, part of me was jealous that she had made such a long adventurous journey by herself. So I decided to take a trip to Florida, though I did not take a bike. I drove down by myself, and got a hotel room. When I was there, I was looking out at the sand, and I saw a bunch of camera equipment- video cameras, camera bags, digital and manual cameras, and a Polaroid camera all just sitting in the sand. No one was around, but I knew that some guys would be coming back for their cameras. But I decided to steal one- the Polaroid camera. I took it back to my hotel room, and tested it by taking a picture of myself. Then I took a picture of something that was on the wall, and had small colorful boxes lined up in rows. I labeled the second picture, "Mom" and hung both pictures up on a magnetic board. Then the dream ended.