Friday, May 28, 2010

Mansion # 2 and Worms outta the nose

I had a dream last night that I was standing outside this GORGEOUS white mansion. It was huge and pristine. I went inside, and was looking around. There was a man with black hair and a black mustache, who owned the mansion. I was checking out the extravagance of the mansion when suddenly, a little girl around 5-6 years old spotted me, and started chasing me. She was angry that I was in the mansion, and I started running from her. The running turned to slow motion running, and I started jumping down entire staircases in slow motion. At one point, I ran into a room that had tons of jewels/ jewelry in a big wooden case on the table. I grabbed two pieces of it and then kept running. Part of the reason why I was running was because I knew I was trying to steal the jewelry, and the little girl knew too. I got the impression that the little girl was the daughter of the mansion's owner.

A few nights ago, I had another dream in which I had a slit on the side of my nose that worms were coming out of. I kept pulling them out, one by one, and it was so disturbing and gross!! In the dream I had the feeling that I had to cleanse the worms out of my system....

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Drowning Baby!

Last night I had a really cool dream...

I was part of a police chase! I was on a street that looked like in Savannah- River Street. It was a long street, right on the water. I was watching a police chase... A bad guy was getting into a boat, holding a baby. He was being chased by several police officers. He started driving the boat, and a few of the police officers dove into the water (because they didn't have a boat) and started to swim after him. I dove in also, knowing I was most likely a better swimmer than them. I swam so fast, and caught up with the guy in the boat. As I caught up to his boat, he took the baby and threw it to a woman in a nearby boat, but the baby did not make it that far and ended up in the water. I swam over to the baby, and watched it slowly sink down in the water. I took a deep breath and plunged down into the dark blue water and grabbed the baby, saving his life.

Later, I was holding the baby in a restaurant, telling people the story of what happened to the baby. At one point, I started weeping so hard with compassion. That is all I remember.


I got input from someone about this dream! His interpretation was very encouraging:

"Cool dream! So, you have new spiritual authority that is really quite effective. Where other's have failed (in the past) to protect new things (ministries, etc.?) or maybe aren't prepared you are able to "jump in" and get it done. You have some real discernment these days so trust it!

I love that this is becoming your testimony, and it is quite compelling."