Sunday, December 06, 2009

Chased by Nazis....or something like that

Last night I had this pretty crazy dream. It started at the Meyers house. Diana told us to come with her, and we followed her. We were taken to a place with guards and they were taking our belongings and putting us on different work assignments (like a modern day concentration camp). We were in a sort of work camp. Phil and I were there. We were being separated. Before we were separated Phil told me to hide my belongings. I hid my purse and my backpack. We were then forced to work. The next day, the guards were giving "inoculations." We were forced to wait on a line, and then get an injection. Somehow I knew the shot was lethal, so I was about to run away from where the guards were, but one of them came out of nowhere and grabbed me. I got away from him, a started to walk forward but another guard came over to me to check and make sure I had gotten the inoculation. I pretended to be dizzy. He said let me see your eyes. I looked at him, and tried to make my eyes spin, thinking that was what he was looking for. He looked at me for a while, trying to decide if I was faking it. Finally he let me go, and I went back to find Phil. I knew I needed to warn him about the injection, and so I started looking everywhere in a maze of people for him. My mom appeared, and pointed out where Phil was. I said his name a little too loud, and the guards saw us trying to get to each other. We reached each other and started to run. We somehow found a black truck, and raced down the road to escape. We saw a huge blockade up ahead, so Phil turned off the road onto the grassy land and started speeding away. We then came to an area with a small alley way and we started to drive down it, but another person came from the opposite direction. For some reason, we had to get out of the truck and lay down on the ground and let the big white van drive over us. It was high up enough off the ground that it did not crush us. Then somehow we stole the big white van and started to drive off. Then we saw Alan and Jessalyn, and they ran toward our van, also trying to escape. Phil started to drive off without them, and I said, "honey what are you doing that is Alan! Let them in!" Phil said, "I won't be able to afford food for them if they come with us." I told Phil I had hid my purse well and no one found it, so I had money. So Alan and Jessalyn got into the white van, and we took off again. Then we ended up at a pizza place. We were trying to blend in with the people there. All of a sudden a short man with a brown jacket and shaggy hair showed up, and grabbed Phil's arm. He was a guard, trying to get us back. But Phil said or did something that made the man go away. Then I woke up. When I was waking up I had the thought that we were in Nazi Germany. Then I thought maybe we were in Greece. I knew it was one of those two.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Finding someone....

Last night I had a very vivid dream about being in a high school. At the school, there were lots of kids. As I was walking around in between classes (meaning all the kids were scrambling around in the halls) I saw two people I haven't seen or thought about in years. One was a girl named Emily and the other, a girl named Lindsay, both girls I knew from the camp I went to as a young girl. I got a glance of them, and then they disappeared into the crowd. Then I started looking for them, asking people if anyone had seen them or knew who they were. No one knew them. I stumbled into a classroom that looked like a bedroom. Mandy (my boss) was in the next room teaching. I decided to get out of there and keep looking. I came across the cafeteria. Matt Yeager and someone else were eating a lunch in the cafeteria of a big turkey sandwich. They told me I really should stop for lunch. I was desperate to find these girls though. Then I specifically asked one girl if she knew them. After I asked her, she did not reply, but ran off. Later, I received paperwork in the mail from the girl that I asked, which said that no one with those names had ever gone to that school. Then I woke up.