Thursday, May 05, 2011

Prison Dream

I was in line to go through Security to get into a prison. I knew I hadn't done anything wrong, but when it was my turn to go through, the guy who was sitting at security had papers on me, and asked me what I had done wrong to get in. I protested, and said I didn't do anything wrong and wasn't going in. Before I knew it, they stuck a needle in my arm and drugged me. When I realized what happened, I was inside the prison. It looked like a large concrete maze, and I had to find my way to my cell. As I was wandering around, I came across a large pool with lots of girls from the prison in the pool, playing and having fun. I jumped in to join them and they told me I could get in trouble, because I hadn't yet earned the privilege to use the pool. I wasn't concerned.

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Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

that's really freaky!